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Eastern Canada Photo Albums
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Niagara Falls PhotoNiagara Falls

Probably not everyone knows that when people talk about Central Canada1 they don’t mean the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, but Ontario and Quebec, the two most populous and largest provinces of Canada. This is what this section is about, and in particular three of the most popular cities of these two provinces: Toronto and Ottawa, in Ontario, and Montreal, in Quebec.

The photo albums of Toronto include of course a must-see of its surroundings: the Niagara Falls, located 130 km south of Toronto. Divided into Canadian falls and American falls, they are considered part of the wonders of the world2 by many. Here you can enjoy some snapshots of the Niagara Falls in winter and in summer time! And if you’re looking forward to seeing the frozen falls...well, you might be disappointed, but still amazed by these unique photos. The Skylon tower, located beside the falls, could be the best way to have a view of the Niagara Falls from above.

Toronto downtown from Toronto islandCN Tower and Toronto
downtown from Toronto island

Going back to Toronto, the capital of Ontario and the biggest city in Canada, the main landmark might be the CN Tower. Completed in 1976 and standing 553 m, it was the world’s tallest tower until 20103. From its top, and in particular from its observation deck, you can definitely enjoy a great view of Toronto downtown, Lake Ontario, Toronto city hall, Toronto island and the Rogers centre, previously known as the SkyDome, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, the only non-US MLB team, and the Toronto Argonauts, the CFL team of the city.
Toronto City Hall PhotoToronto City Hall

Other well-known features of one of the highest towers in the world include the glass floor; the CN Tower 360 Restaurant, 350 m above ground, which allows you to have dinner while enjoying a great view from the tower; and the Edge Walk4, introduced in August 2011, which allows you to walk outside the former highest tower in the world over the roof of the 360 Restaurant.

Another great view of Toronto is from Toronto Island, just a few minutes away by ferry from the centre of Toronto. Known for its small airport, it’s the perfect location if you want to take a break from the city and spend some time at the beach or riding a tandem bicycle.

Air Canada Centre PhotoAir Canada Centre,
Toronto Raptors game

If you’re into basketball and visit Toronto during the NBA season, a “trip” to the home of the Toronto Raptors5 will be worth it. The Air Canada Centre, also home of the NHL team the Toronto Maple Leafs, is the place to be if you want to watch some NBA in Toronto. Raptors-Lakers, Raptors-Celtics and Raptors-Bulls are just some of the games from the ACC that you can enjoy from these photo albums.

Random photos of Toronto include some snapshots of Toronto’s Chinatown; a relaxing sunrise in Toronto; the Gooderham building, also known as Flatiron building; the Toronto city hall6; a typical Thanksgiving turkey; some pictures of Toronto suburbs from the plain; a view from Darlington Provincial Park, one of the Provincial Parks in Ontario that allows you to experience some camping right over Lake Ontario.

Lake Simcoe PhotoLake Simcoe

Moving north of Toronto, Lake Simcoe7 is just one of the thousands of lakes in Ontario. The photo albums of this section highlight the differences of the landscape in summer time and in winter time, when the frozen lake allows one to learn how to ice fish or enjoy a ride on a snowmobile...maybe after having checked the lake ice conditions.

1000 islands, Gananoque1000 islands, Gananoque

If you’re considering traveling within eastern Canada and in particular from Toronto to Montreal, an interesting place to visit is Gananoque, located half way between the above mentioned cities. What makes this town appealing is its location right in the core of the 1000 islands area; the Gananoque boat line8 offers different tour options to enjoy this unique landscape.

Terry Fox PhotoTerry Fox statue,

While Toronto is the capital of Ontario, the capital of Canada is another city in Ontario: Ottawa. These photos include some of the main landmarks of the city, such as the national art gallery and the Canadian Parliament building9, located over the Parliament Hill. In front of it stands the Terry Fox Run memorial, a statue of Terry Fox10, a Winnipeg born who ran across Canada with one leg in 1981 to raise money for cancer research. Other pictures of Ottawa include the Ottawa River, which defines the “border” between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec; the National war Memorial; the statues of Sir John A. MacDonald11 and John By12; Montebello, a nice little Quebecois town in the suburbs of Ottawa; the Tulip festival and the Aboriginal festival.

Basilica of Notre-DameMontreal, Basilica
of Notre-Dame

A visit to the city of Montreal cannot be missed when traveling to Canada. It is considered by many as the most European city of Canada, even because, like all the other cities in Quebec, its official language is not English but French. In this photo album you can have a preview of downtown Montreal and Dorchester square13; some of the cathedrals and churches in Montreal like Basilica of Notre-Dame14, Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde and Saint-Jacques Church; place Jacques Cartier; the Latin quarter and Chinatown; Old Montreal and the Old port; the Biosphere15; the Boer War Memorial; le Centre Bell, home of the NHL team Montreal Canadiens; and the lac aux castors in Parc du Mont-Royal.

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